Under the Covers - BTL Recommended Reads

The Girls

By Emma Cline

Cline’s novel charts the calamity of teenage Evie’s infatuation with the messy beauty and menacing inhibition of a Manson-esque cult. Evie’s impressions of 1960s California are detailed, sensuous and colourful, beautifully famed by Cline through her narrator's diminishing naivety and exploited pliability. 


By Stephanie Danier

If you’ve ever worked in hospitality, you’ll quickly find yourself empathising with a new arrival to New York trying to find her feet as a waitress. Danier’s writing is sharp and expressive, her pacing reflecting the changing tides of frantic energy during restaurant sittings. In that sense, Sweetbitter is almost a multisensory experience, expertly capturing the tastes, aromas and idiosyncrasies of fine dining. 

Men Explain Things to Me

By Rebecca Solnit

A witty and unsparing collection of essays exploring modern manifestations of chauvinism and misogyny. In the title piece, Solnit skilfully unpacks the inequalities that persist in communication between men and women, from the tendency towards ‘mansplaining’ to the silencing of cries for help.


By Emma Donoghue

Don’t see the movie, read the book. Room is told from the perspective of four year old Jack, and Donoghue captures his joy and wonder at the world and his devotion to his mother against a background of much darker adult themes.