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Words worth

Donald Trump’s use of English is baffling experienced translators, who struggle to interpret his forceful, colloquial way of speaking without affording him unwarranted eloquence. Languages that emphasise the importance of structure over subject do not easily accommodate Trump's vague and tangential speech patterns, facilitating indirect and perhaps unrepresentative translations. 

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In history's page

What's in a date? The choice of January 26 as a national holiday is of enormous significance to many Australians, and yet remains entirely inconsequential to others. For Indigenous Australians, in particular, 'Australia Day' can be a time for mourning as well as for protest, as explained by Karina Marlow. 

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Those who say aye

The UK Supreme Court has determined that in order to enact Brexit, Prime Minister Theresa May must have the authority of Parliament. This decision is a fundamental function of the twin pillars of the UK constitution: the rule of law and Parliamentary sovereignty. It also serves to highlight the imbalance of power between the four constituent nations, reflecting increasing dissatisfaction with the constitutional status quo, both around and beyond the Brexit issue. 

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