What I know about worth...

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These are some words about worth.


“We talk about worth a whole lot. Is the risk worth taking? Is the party worth going to? Are you getting your money’s worth? Is he worth it?
I love you because.
I am done with this.
It is just not worth my time.

We trade in worth.

Let me show you my worth in a freeze frame, upload.

Let me tuck this, move this, lick this. It will be worth it.

But what is a day worth?

What would you pay to return to a day? For an additional day? One more day with you, with us, with this, with them,

just here. The word worth stumbles on its own meaning.

When we walk around waving a measuring stick , we start to leave the value of a moment, hover above it and snap it into compartments to designate to the worthy and unworthy piles of our minds.

Don’t mistake me, I’m not about to tell you to listen to every beat of your heart and count every single breath in a day.
I am saying there is a beat and a breath behind the murmuring crowd who are consumed by worth.
That beat, that breath are your trading tools.

Whilst we obsess with what we are buying and selling and what audience we are trying to reach, we start to lose what is already in the bank.

It seems the concept of credit is spilling over into our concept of days, of people, or ways to behave.
So I write to ask you to think about where you dig your worth from.

We humans designed worth.

But we are given that beat and breath,

until we are not.

So share it, without reservation, because we have fashioned worth into a system of exclusion.

Trade in the beat and the breath, it is a shared economy..”