BTL Collaborator:  Alysia Antonucci

My mother tells me that as a child I would ask questions about everything, an answer was never a conclusion but an avenue to the next conundrum. It seems my inquisition has not ceased. I am fascinated by the tiniest nooks of human habit. Where do we divert into actions that are solely and specially our own and what are the things we share? This thirst for knowledge has travelled with me on my career path, studying Sociology and working in public relations, community education and management for several NGOs in Australia, Kenya and Ghana. I am particularly passionate about finding ways to make complex issues easier to understand and the way evolving social media platforms and other learning tools can provide a source of education for those working in fields relating to social justice, aid and development. 

Ideas of a better life

No one can claim to have walked an identical path to anyone else, so when we speak and act we do so informed by our own individual history. Yet we stop and question what is normal? Who is weird? Who is more powerful, more in control? This should be viewed as the strange thing. Difference should be nurtured, laughed about and shared with confidence. I would love to see more people come to understand their individuality as something worthy of inquisition and attacking it with understanding rather then critique. If we can start to worry less about fitting in and more about feeling valued, then we might generate a little more peace.